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Bundle: All honeys (125ml)
Bundle: All honeys (125ml)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bundle: All honeys (125ml)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Bundle: All honeys (125ml)

Bundle: All honeys (125ml)

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The perfect bundle to taste ALL variants of our honey! This bundle consists of 1 bottle of each of our honeys.



⭐️ BUNDLE: Honey Trial Pack (5 variants)

  • ₱150 - 125ml, Pure Honey: Mt. Province
  • ₱150 - 125ml, Pure Honey: Benguet
  • ₱200 - 125ml, Honey Infusion: Chili honey
  • ₱200 - 125ml, Honey Infusion: Chili flakes honey
  • ₱200 - 125ml,  Honey Infusion: Cinnamon honey
  • ₱30 - 15cm honey dipper

TOTAL = ₱̶̶̶9̶3̶0̶̶̶  ₱790 (save ₱140) 



    🚨 NOTE: This bundle is purely bottles and a dipper ONLY — they don’t come in a gift box packaging. 




    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


    🍯 Where do we source our honey
    - Our honey is 100% pure and natural, harvested by our locals from up North of the Philippines.

    🍯 Shelf life of honey
    - Pure honey doesn't expire.

    🍯 How to store our honey bottles
    - No need to refrigerate, just store in a cool dry place.

    🍯 Is there a difference in health benefits
    - Health benefits are the same for any kind of PURE honey.

    🍯 Difference of MT. PROVINCE and BENGUET honey
    • Mountain Province - Light-colored honey and is unique with its distinct citrus taste as it was sourced from citrusy flowers (e.g. lemon, calamansi, suha and the likes). The taste is light and easily blends in with any food or drink.
    • Benguet - Dark-colored honey sourced from wildflowers. Has a bold earthy taste and is a little bit sweeter than our Mountain Province.

    🍯 What is HONEY INFUSION

    • A concoction of pure honey and certain spices.
    • It is basically 100% pure honey with additional nutritional value (depending on the additional spice it was infused with) which makes it healthier and with more uses.
    • Our concoction is NATURALLY infused meaning it didn't undergo any heating process which would cause any nutritional value of pure honey to change.