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About Us & Our Honey


🍯 BZZZPH honey is 100% pure, natural, and harvested from North of the Philippines.

🇵🇭 We seek to showcase the beauty of the Philippines, and to help support the livelihood of local farmers.

♻️ We only package our products in eco-friendly materials, in order to promote environmental awareness and a sustainable lifestyle.




🍯 Where do we source our honey
- Our honey is 100% pure and natural, harvested by our locals from up North of the Philippines.

🍯 Shelf life of honey
- Pure honey doesn't expire.

🍯 How to store our honey bottles
- No need to refrigerate, just store in a cool dry place.

🍯 Difference of MT. PROVINCE and BENGUET honey
  • Mountain Province - Light colored honey and is unique with its distinct citrus taste as it was sourced from citrusy flowers (e.g. lemon, calamansi, suha and the likes). Taste is light and easily blends in with any food or drink.
  • Benguet - Dark colored honey sourced from wild flowers. Has a bold earthy taste and is a little bit sweeter than our Mountain Province.


🍯 Is there a difference in health benefits
- Health benefits are the same for any kind of PURE honey.

🍯 Best seller
- For the classic honey, both are equally good in taste. It really depends on the person's preference of taste notes.

🍯 Health benefits of honey
  • Boosts immune system
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Heal wounds
  • Helps improve cholesterol
  • Helps lower triglycerides
  • Prevents acid reflux
  • Helps digestive issues
  • Soothe cough, colds & sore throat
  • Reduce duration of diarrhea
  • Energy booster




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😱 My honey crystallized! What should I do?

Kindly check this link for more info - Crystallization is a natural process


😱 My honey attracted ants! Is this fake?

Learn more about this myth here - Honey attracting ants is a myth 




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